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Ama Dablam
Mount Everest

Himalaya's Nepal 
The name Himalaya derives from the Sanskrit, the primary language of Hinduism, Buddhism and a language for the educated, of high culture, and its translated; "Abode of Snow", or "The Land of Snow". 

The vast size, huge altitude range and complex topography of the Himalayas mean they experience a wide range of climates. Nepal has five climatic zones, broadly corresponding to the altitudes. Local impacts on climate are significant throughout the Himalayas. The amount of yearly rainfall increases from west to east along the southern front of the range. In Nepal there are often considered to be five seasons: summer, monsoon, autumn or post-monsoon, winter and spring.


Flora and fauna
The unique flora and fauna of the Himalayas are of unrivalled wealth. Musk deer, blue sheep, yak, red panda, himalayan tahr and the very rare snow leopard call the Himalaya's their home. Massive oak forests, vast pine forests, an amazing variety of junipers and flowers crowd the valleys, foothills and mountain sides.

Trekking and mountaineering season is best either before the monsoon in April and May or after the monsoon in late September, October and November. 


The Himalayan cultures have created their own individual and unique place. There are many cultural aspects of Nepal and the diversity shows in many and different ways; through their architecture, their languages and dialects, their beliefs and rituals, as well as their clothing. An example of the diversity is that handwoven textiles display colors and patterns unique to various ethnic backgrounds. Also there are thousands of monasteries in the Himalaya's. Gautama Buddha , the founder of Buddhism , was born in southern Nepal. The Himalayas are personified by its people ; Mountains are sacred and called 'father of goddesses' or kings and declared spiritual and holy places ...

Ama Dablam

The name Himalaya derives from the Sanskrit, the primary language of Hinduism, Buddhism and a language for the educated, of high culture, and its translated; "Abode of Snow", or "The Land of Snow".

Nepal is a multiethnic nation with Nepali as the official language. Nepal has seen rapid political changes during the last two decades. Up until 1990, Nepal was a monarchy under executive control of the King. Now Nepal is a secular democratic republic. Nepal is landlocked and a central Himalayan country, bordering China in the north and India in the south, east and west. In a recent survey Nepal has performed extremely well in reducing poverty.



Nepal remains isolated from the world's major land, air and sea transport routes. The poor state and development of the road system makes access to markets, health clinics and schools a challenge. At least one-third of its people live more then a two hours walk from the nearest all-season road. Increasing access to secondary education remains a major challenge, but overall literacy rate increased from 54.1% to almost 70% in the last decade. 


Nepal is 800 kilometres, 497 mi, long and 200 kilometres, 124 mi, wide. Nepal is commonly divided into three areas: Himal, Pahad and Terai. The Himal is the mountain region within the Great Himalayan Range and makes up the northern part of Nepal. Himal contains most of Nepals' natural parks and reserves and the highest elevations in the world, including 8,848 metres, 29,029 ft, high Mount Everest / Sagarmatha -in Nepali, in the north. The other of the world's 8,000 mtrs high peaks are in northern Nepal as well and are Lhotse, Makalu, Kangchenjunga, Cho You, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu and Annapurna.The unique and spectacular landscape, its diversity, the people, the climate and the exotic cultures of Nepal represent considerable potential to make it hard for you to choose from a variety of epic Adventures OUTDO offers ...

Samjhana and Madan

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