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Mountain Biking

Annapurna circuit mountainbike

Trails less traveled

OUTDO provides Mountain Biking Adventures that are truly off-the-beaten-path. 
We guide you through lush green valleys and over mountain passes, up to the highest lakes in the world; past picturesque mountain villages, ancient monasteries and sacred sites. OUTDO partners with native outdoor experts and guides to take you on the trails less traveled, true adventures with the benefit of local insights into the cultures and landscapes you explore. 

The Mountain Biking Adventures we offer are geared towards the intermediate to advanced rider, offering multi-day cycling through varied high altitude terrain, bringing you to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking places in the world. 


Conditions and capabilities
The adventures offered involve up to 5 and a half hours of mountain biking a day, depending on the technicality of the trails and weather conditions. We always plan our treks to avoid altitude-related maladies and to meet our guests needs and capabilities, incorporating acclimatization time and methods throughout the itinerary. If you have any questions about trip training and readiness please contact us as we are only too happy to give you guidance and answer your questions.

With every 'OUTDO Mountain Biking Destination' and with every 'OUTDO Mountain Biking Adventure' you choose the sights you see are nothing short of magnificent; from beautiful flora and fauna crowding valleys, foothills and mountain sides to an amazing diversity of animals roaming the sky's and slopes.​ From unique cultures, soaring peaks, stunning viewpoints to breathtaking valleys. Whatever and wherever your dream mountain biking adventure may be, we see it as a privilege and a pleasure to join you in making it a reality.

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