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an unique Inka Trail & Machu Picchu hiking adventure

From 2.800 to 4.340 meters

Your hiking adventure begins at an altitude of 2.800 meters, 9,200 ft. and acclimatization guides our itinerary along the spectacular trails to Machu Picchu. You'll be hiking for 6 hours a day and your trek is basically a three part adventure. On the first part of the trek we go through beautiful Urubamba and Sacred Valley. We ascent to the Malaga pass, at 4314 meters, 14,154ft, to have a spectacular view of 'Veronica's' snow capped peak. The second part of our adventure, on day 3 and 4 of the trek, we experience dramatic altitude changes. This is the most demanding and most rewarding part with views nothing short of exceptional. The first of 3 mountain passes is 'only' 4035 meters, 13,240ft. high. After the first pass we descend following a white water river then we take on the second pass, 'Yanacocha', at 4320 meters, 14,175ft. The last and the highest pass, 4340 meters, 14,240ft leads us to beautiful Sand Lake. From the lake, on the third part and day 5 of our trek we descend into the jungle and we begin the third part of our adventure. We'll pass avocado, granadilla and coffee plantations until we arrive at Yanatile on our way to our final destination. On the final day steep stairs lead us to the mind boggling view of the Sun Gate, "Inti Punku" and the magnificent City of Machu Picchu.



For your first two nights and your last night in Cuzco, the two nights before and the 1 night after the trek, we offer you two choices. You can either pick your own place to stay or we can book you carefully chosen hotel accommodation, included in your hiking adventure package. The hotels we offer are chosen for their location, cleanliness and charm -not the number of channels available on the television. All the hotel options we can arrange for you to stay at are ideally situated close to the main attractions in Cuzco without being too central, this way allowing you opportunity to explore while avoiding the most touristy and noisy areas when you are ready to relax. During the trek all our nights are spent at locations off-the-beaten track. Our carefully chosen safe campsites with a panoramic display of spectacular mountain scenery and OUTDO's higher-end camping gear ensures you'll rest easy at night. All camping gear is provided except your sleeping bag for the obvious reasons of hygiene. Our private horsemen and animal and human porters carry tents, personal gear and take care of supplies -allowing you the joy of hiking with only a daypack. Our porters prepare the campsites, boil drinking water, take care of everything around the campsite and they make sure when we leave, it is like we've never been there.

Food and 'fuel' 

Although we are under canvas on our trek, this camping will feel pretty fancy. Your private cook prepares delicious 4 course meals that not only taste wonderful but also provide the best fuel for 6 hours of hiking each day. All meals are prepared with fresh local produce and products. Our staff is part of the OUTDO family, porters and local welfare are important to us. The Peruvian Porters Union has set very basic rules for the work conditions and minimum wages for the porters. The prices that operators charge for the Inka trail trek can vary considerably as can the rates of porter pay and conditions provided by each company. We are not your cheapest option but we believe in giving our guest a top quality and unique adventure. We built a memory for a lifetime. We proud ourselves in taking real good care of our local staff and porters and ensuring their quality of life is enhanced by working for and with us. We feel we OUTDO and invite you to participate.

Day 1: Cuzco 3.399 m 

Day 2Cuzco 3399 m - Yupanca 4471 m 

Day 3: Yupanca 4471 m – Pampa Grande 2000 m

Day 4: Pampa Grande - Sand lake

Day 5: Sand lake – Lucmabamba

Day 6: Lucmabamba– Aguas calientes

Day 7: Aguas calientes - Machu Picchu - Cuzco

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