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Mountain Biking

Hiking & Mountain Biking

The ultimate adventure goal

For the multi-sport enthusiasts out there OUTDO offers Hiking and Mountain Biking Adventures, allowing you access to breathtaking terrain that might be out of reach doing just a single sport activity. Our OUTDO guides and instructors develop custom Hiking and Mountain Biking Combination Adventures that bring you to the most beautiful and breathtaking places in the world.

Health and fitness
Our Hiking and Mountain Biking A
dventures are planned according to our guests capabilities and to allow for comfortable pace and altitude acclimatization. OUTDO Hiking and Mountain Biking Adventures involve 4-5 hours of mountain biking and 1.5-2.5 hours of hiking a day -or vice versa- and this depends on the trail's technicality and on weather conditions. To maximise your enjoyment and comfort we recommend general hiking and mountain biking experience and overall good health and physical fitness. If you have any questions about trip training and readiness please contact us as we are only too happy to give you guidance and answers to your questions. 

Exploring with OUTDO
With every 'OUTDO Destination' and with every 'OUTDO H
iking and Mountain Biking Adventure' you choose the sights you see are nothing short of magnificent. From beautiful flora and fauna crowding valleys, foothills and mountain sides to an amazing diversity of animals roaming the sky's and slopes. From picturesque mountain villages to sacred sites and ancient monasteries. From unique cultures, soaring peaks, stunning viewpoints to breathtaking valleys. Exploring with OUTDO will always provide an experience of a lifetime. 

Whatever your ultimate goal and wherever your Hiking and Mountain Biking Combination Adventure may be, we see it as a privilege and a pleasure to help you define your dreams and to join you in making them a reality.


Hiking &


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