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The hiking adventures we offer are custom made with dedication to detail by our native OUTDO entrepreneurs and guides. Hiking with us is unique because we are the only company in the world that partners with local adventure experts, guaranteeing you a first class trekking experience with real insights into the cultures and landscapes you explore. 

Hiking with OUTDO is for everyone
OUTDO hiking adventures involve anything from novice-level shorter adventures to lengthy, multi-day treks through varied high altitude terrain... both bringing you to the most beautiful and breathtaking places in the world. We always plan our treks to avoid altitude-related maladies and to meet our guests needs and capabilities, incorporating acclimatization time and methods throughout the itinerary. Hiking with OUTDO is for anyone with good stamina, cardiovascular capability, patience and flexibility. Shorter hiking adventures include up to 4 hours of hiking a day. The more demanding adventures involve 5-6 hours of hiking per day covering 10-20 kilometers, 9-12 miles, depending on the technicality of the trails and weather conditions. 


Health and good physical fitness
To maximize your enjoyment and comfort we recommend general hiking experience with overall good health and physical fitness. If you have any questions (or concerns) about trip training/preparation, please contact us. We would be happy to answer your queries and give you guidance.

With every 'OUTDO hiking destination' and with every 'OUTDO hiking Adventure' you choose the sights you see are nothing short of magnificent; from beautiful flora and fauna crowded valleys, foothills and mountain sides to an amazing diversity of animals roaming the skies and slopes.​ From picturesque mountain villages to sacred sites and ancient monasteries. From unique cultures, soaring peaks and stunning viewpoints to breathtaking valleys. Whatever and wherever your dream hiking adventure may be, we see it as a privilege and a pleasure to join you in making it a reality.

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