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Welcome at OUTDO

Planning to going on a adventures trip?

where do you go?

what do you need?

what visa and permits, how do I rent equipment...what equipment??

stop asking these questions we prepared some great, worry free and very special adventures trips away from the crowd and as organised as it can be.

at the moment we have our guides waiting for you at two destinations with different activities 

check out our outdo adventures and start the adventure of your life right here

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for the greatest adventures on the face of the earth

You can choose to book individually, as a couple, or for a group of 4 to 8 people.

Your trip can start any day or date you want, but do know some of our adventures are season dependent due to weather conditions and ensuring your safety and enjoyment.

Mount Everest

Home of the highest mountain range in the world and

diverse cultures, flora and fauna of unrivalled wealth ready for you to explore. 


Machu Picchu

The Andes are the largest mountain range in the world with Peru at its centre, a biodiverse hotspot and axis of cultural influences. Irresistible ingredients for amazing adventures.


We pride ourselves in not only top quality care of our guests but also of our local OUTDO branches and guides. 

OUTDO offers the most complete adventure packages available, everything but international flight and travel insurance are included in our trips and treks. 


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Mount Everest

The epic hike to EBC, the magnificent view point of mind boggling 8,850m Sagarmatha, aka Mt. Everest.

14 days 

Hiking Adventure

Himalayas, Nepal




Island Peak

Breathtaking hiking approach, an intro into non-technical mountaineering and your Island Peak summit.

21 days 

Hiking & Mountaineering Adventure

Himalayas, Nepal




Annapurna Mountains

The Annapurna Circuit

Mountain bike and hike the Holy Grail of Adventure circuits. 




Ausangate Mountain

Ausangate Mountain Loop

The highest most rewarding true wilderness hiking adventure in Peru.

7 days

Hiking Adventure

Andes mountains, Peru




Price including the  $ 500

Mustang Restricted Area Fee

All OUTDO Adventures are developed, created and offered by a local independent owner operated OUTDO business. 
This is why we offer the best adventures on the face of the earth.

 Find out that our trips are different, exclusive and away from the crowd.

Meet our local native guides, proud independent OUTDO owners and operators and contact them on ...

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